The Tree Of Life

The Tree of Life

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Bedroom!


The windows had blackout curtains on them due to Andy sleeping days, but that all got messed up during the summer when our air went out in August while i was 9 months preggo and a week away from my due date. We had to borrow a window unit. And the curtain rods are drooping due to the walls being kind of mess up before and the hardware for the rods had no support underneath like most do.

As you can see, the red was MAJORLY overpowering. I dont know what i was thinking when i did it. Red is just too much for me . I need soothing. I love color and i dont mind bright but the red was just aggravating after a while. Also, i had all three mirrors on the one wall which made the room feel heavy on the one side instead of balanced.

Yeah, the place had gotten kinna messy. And stuff was moved out from the wall in this picture. That is the pack n play that Josie no longer sleeps in.

And AFTER!!!!!!

Way more soothing and balanced. New rug from to anchor the space and tie it all together. New bedding from Pottery Barn outlet. The quilt at the foot of the bed came out of Andy's day sleep room. Andy let me take down the black out stuff since he never sleeps in there in the day anyways amymore. yay for light!

I spread out the mirrors. The Eiffel Tower mirror is above the bed and looks awesome. The other mirrors are higher and more spaced out. The curtain rods we were able to salvage... we just had to tinker with the hardware and use longer screws. Andy was able to drill into the studs this time after ALOT of extra trouble. He is a patient man! the curtains are the same.

And i tidied up the place!!

Well what do ya think!?!?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

This is what we are doing today :)
J is spending more and more time on her tummy... even though with the reflux it makes her throw up! She doesnt mind!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Story Time

Sister! you didnt get to see this since you are not on facebook. This is Josie and I reading stories before bedtime. Everyone likes to gather around to listen.

This is bath time..... same type deal.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have been making some pretty awesome meals lately due to 2 things:

1. Josie is sleeping through the night and it starts at 7!

2. I got a new cookbook. Eating for Pregnancy : The Essential Guide

Its an awesome cookbook. I have been cooking almost every meal from it since we got it. Its so practical and healthy (but not over the top) and it seems to be keeping my body fueled during these energy draining days. Im still breastfeeding J and after over a year of sustaining her I am becoming more and more conscious of what goes in my mouth! These are 2 salmon dinners I have made recently. I love salmon and i am always looking for new ways to spice it up.

This is marinated and baked salmon on a bed of spinach leaves. Its topped with freshly made mango salsa. Here are a few of the ingredients: mandarin oranges, mango, peppers, cilantro, lime. Absolutely amazing. I also cooked some wild rice for the side and topped it with a dollop of greek yogurt.

Since the book is also a guide it gives some very practical suggestions on how to round out your day with healthy snacks. It even gives many examples of what a perfect day of meals and snacks would look like. Showing you how to get everything you need from your meals. Its awesome. I'm gonna use this cookbook even when im not breastfeeding or pregnant.

This is another look at that beautiful salsa.

This is salmon, again on a bed of spinach leaves, with a homemade citrus vinagarette (a few ingredients: orange, lemon, honey. The salad had fresh avacado, cilantro, and cherry tomatoes. Everything was super easy and wonderful. The mushroom rice was from a packet. And of course theres a dollop of greek yogurt on top. I have been substituting yogurt for sour cream lately.... i havent even missed the sour cream actually.

My crazy animals part 2 Exhibit A: This is in the middle of our backyard. There was a storm that blew the water bottle and cushion from the porch to Lucy's territory.
She then collected the items and arranged them in her favorite spot... the dead center of the backyard. Exhibit B:
ps The cushion was ok... the water bottle...Well let's just say it will hold water no more :(
She is getting bigger and bigger :(( but im loving every minute of it! She has her serious face on here... which is rare. I think she looks like Andy with her big lips.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I usually start my morning off by putting away dishes that got washed the night before. So im putting away dishes.... minding my own business..... I become startled by repetative meowing. I look up due to the prompting and this is what i see looking down at me :
Have i mentioned that Sugarloving has a special place now to eat her food since Lucy prefers cat food to her own food??
Yes, she now eats on the ledge above the ovens. It serves a double purpose too. Lucy usually chases her when she comes in the back door so it gives kitty a little getaway.