The Tree Of Life

The Tree of Life

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catching up

I havent posted in forever Sis. I am very sorry about that. Here are a bunch of cute Josie pics.

Mom said you helped pick out this outfit from India. The children in India wear this?? Yes? i think... haha it was very funny when we put it on, because It was tight and J's belly was hanging out.

Josie climbing in her toy basket to sit on her toys.

Josie in her new heart tights and "Uggs". 
Along with curls comes crazy hair! Loving it too!

I know i said i would post a bump picture.... maybe tomorrow. The second time around i feel like i look really pregnant early on! The great thing is that i don't feel as tight and squished inside so that is nice! I'm 24 weeks and i feel like i look 30! Oh well!


Josie has started carting her stuff around in her grocery cart. I watched her search and pull out a loaf of bread and a chicken from the bottom of her toy box and place them in her grocery cart. They came with the set. I was amazed that she even remembered that. She is such a little homemaker with her grocery shopping, strolling, and cleaning everything with a rag. Sooo much fun already :)